Fund Set Up & Joint Ventures

Fortius had a very successful Joint Venture with HSBC Asset Management (Australia) for 14 years from 1991 to 2005. Under the Joint Venture Fortius managed all commercial property investments for HSBC Asset Management (Australia). Fortius and HSBC grew a number of commercial real estate products over this time to total over $800m AUD in Funds Under Management. This Joint Venture was dissolved when HSBC Asset Management (Australia) was sold to Challenger in 2005.

In 2006 Fortius set up a Value Add Commercial Real Estate Fund – Fortius Active Property Trust No.1 - that peaked at $763m in Assets Under Management. This fund was invested into by a number of Australian institutions whom remain investors with Fortius to this day.

Fortius has set up a number of private commercial real estate investments throughout its history, the latest of which is the 91 Phillip Street Parramatta Trust.

First and foremost Fortius is an Investment manager specialising in real estate. Fortius has the expertise, resources and licencing to set up, manage and administer Fund and Joint Venture arrangements in real estate.