Real Estate Advisory 

Outside of Investment Management we provide advice and solutions in nine key areas:

Two prominent recent examples of Fortius’ advisory work are detailed below:

717 Bourke Street, Melbourne    


  • Complete reworking of the capital structure
  • Strategic review of building issues and impediments to completion
  • Sourcing buyers and project managing divestment
  • Project management of final stages of construction to Practical Completion
  • Negotiation of contracts and management of divestment due diligence
  • Multi layered non performing capital structures
  • Numerous unquantified risks to incoming buyers
  • Uncompleted construction and leasing management
  • Completion risks
  • Covenant timelines and disagreement amongst stakeholders
  • Capital structure completely reworked with removal of mezzanine debt position
  • First mortgage extended on favourable terms
  • Construction completed and asset plan to ready asset for sale
  • Leasing issues dealt with and tenants closed for both retail and office
  • Sourced buyer
  • Negotiated contract and turned seller’s position around for a significant net loss to a significant net profit


400 George Street, Brisbane



  • Buying mandate
  • Worked up investment criteria based on opportunity and market fundamentals
  • Collaborative asset sourcing and analysis process undertaken
  • Bidding and negotiation
  • Complete Due Diligence management
  • Negotiated contract for sale
  • Vehicle set up and structuring
  • Leasing management post acquisition

  • Investor not experience in the Australian market place
  • Limited opportunities in the market
  • Investor was based overseas and had no Australian team
  • Detailed structuring required due to a 50% purchase


  • Investor successfully acquired a Prime grade asset off market in Brisbane
  • Efficient structuring and investment process
  • Investor effectively provided with a ‘turn-key’ solution to invest in prime Australian commercial real estate

In its 21 year history Fortius has advised on and delivered solutions to complex problems in leasing, planning, zoning, acquisitions and sales, development, project management, debt arrangement and restructuring, portfolio structuring and capital raising. 

Fortius’ independence and experience allows it to identify the issues and implement solutions that extract maximum value for every asset and investor.

Fortius strives to provide best-in-class client advice in the real estate industry with a long standing team of highly skilled property professionals.

For over 20 years, Fortius has acted across all property sectors within the Australian property markets, and importantly executed across the entire risk spectrum.

Reputation and commitment to success are two of Fortius’ greatest assets.

With tailored specialist advice and a client focus, Fortius can detail strategies and execution plans to meet your objectives.

Fortius has an impressive track record in delivering successful property projects and providing transactional services for a range of clients. 

The skill and dedication of Fortius’ team can assist from origination of an idea, to implementation of a strategy, to execution of achieving the outcome.

Please contact Fortius to discuss advisory services.