Our Philosophy


1.  Land is what drives value over time. 

2.  Long term trends reduce risk: 

          •  What do tenants want?
          •  Where are people shopping?

3.  Concentricity is perpetual and drives land value.

4.  Imperfect transaction and leasing markets reward active        managers.

Experience shapes our judgement on what is possible and what is not. The key to successful real estate investment involves making tactical decisions based on empirical evidence and past experiences, coupled with research driven forecasts and targeted execution plans.

The investment in and management of commercial real estate assets is akin to running a business with many moving parts. Maximising the return from any asset, or portfolio of assets, whether it be in the short term or the long term, necessitates a very ‘hands on’ approach to management.

Land and floorspace are a scarce resource. The income generation of any particular piece of land and floorspace is almost always able to be augmented depending on what management actions are taken. Our investment professionals have specialist skills honed to recognising value, creating positive change at the real estate and fund level, and maximising financial returns. The commercial real estate market is inefficient, unloved and out of favour assets are where we have historically been able to generate our best returns.

We foster a passion for investing and a culture of searching for value. We are also acutely aware of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities as investors and we work hard to ensure our investments and our actions incorporate best practice in these areas.