Why Fortius

Fortius has been investing in Australian commercial real estate for over 21 years. In this time we have built up institutional grade investment processes, systems integration and a competitive edge in investment execution.

The competitive advantages that give us an investing edge include:

  • Proven Experience: We have directly transacted over $2bn of active assets over 60 transactions across the office, industrial, retail and residential sectors.
  • Execution Track Record: We have a long history of devising strategies to extract value, detailing execution plans and following through to completion. 
  • Team: We’ve assembled and nurtured a team with impeccable industry and academic qualifications who possess proven specialist real estate investment skills.
  • Relationships: Over 21 years we’ve built up a reputation of fair play and excellence in the industry, this allows us to utilise the best resources and be shown the best opportunities from service providers and suppliers.
  • Risk Management: Investment in real assets requires strong risk management capabilities, with the preservation of capital paramount. Our corporate memory is strong and we know from experience how to quantify, mitigate and conservatively utilise risk to our advantage.
  • Cycles: We’ve managed investments in all kinds of market conditions.
  • Systems: We incorporate the best externally built valuation, asset management and accounting systems with in-house systems and processes to monitor, manage and maximise the performance of investments