Investment Objective and Style

The The Fund is a global real estate equities fund, targeting undervalued securities on the world’s stock markets. The Fund’s Investment objective is to consistently achieve positive, low volatility risk adjusted capital growth backed by sustainable income. Over a 3-5 year period this approach should outperform the relevant global benchmarks.

As value investors this requires taking a contrarian approach to identifying potential investment opportunities by investing in equities across the globe that trade at a discount to our assessment of their intrinsic value. This also requires investments in businesses with capable and experienced management teams who drive improvements in the assets and grow dividends to shareholders in the long term.

The Manager believes that;

  • Our differentiated, valuation focused strategy is underpinned by a thorough and disciplined investment process with robust risk monitoring which allows for repeatable positive outcomes;
  • A global real estate securities portfolio should be structured to imitate the characteristics of direct real estate ownership;
  • Investing in global real estate securities allows investors to take advantage of regional and country specific market cycles;
  • Investment in real estate securities can best be accomplished utilising a long term investment horizon.