RARE Inner Sydney Retail Opportunity

20%+ IRR & 9.0% Average Distributions

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Fortius is pleased to offer Wholesale Investors the opportunity to invest in a unique inner Sydney Homemaker Centre located in Artarmon. The property known as “Home HQ” comprises 22,196 sqm of gross lettable area and is fully occupied, 86% secured by national brand tenants. The centre is located in one of Sydney's most prestigious and tightly-held precincts in the Lower North Shore and offers investors a forecast 5 year IRR of over 20% and average distributions of 9.0%.

50% of units are committed by cornerstone investors, leaving a maximum allocation of $33 million available to sophisticated and wholesale investors.

Allocations in this unique opportunity are limited and we encourage investors to register their interest as soon as possible with commitments due by Friday, 22 December 2017.

All performance numbers are estimates.

^Pre-performance Fee

Key dates and terms for the offer are set out below:

opening date

8 December 2017

closing date

22 December 2017

Minimum investment




issue price


Please contact Catherine Farrell on 02 9236 4700 for further information.

Important Information
This document has been prepared by Fortius Funds Management Pty Ltd (Fortius) to assist you with the potential acquisition of Home HQ Artarmon, 1 Frederick Street, Artarmon, New South Wales.
This property has been recently marketed and to the best of our knowledge is currently available for purchase. Fortius does not have any contractual agreements with the existing owner in relation to the acquisition of the property.
Details such as purchase price (as well as net income and the resultant yields and returns) are all estimated by Fortius and have not been agreed with the current owner and therefore may be inaccurate. The property may become unavailable for sale at any time.
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