Fortius Global Value Properties Fund

Fortius has been providing investors with strong, stable and lucrative investments in property for over 25 years. Fortius is now offering liquidity via a global portfolio of attractive listed real estate opportunities in the Fortius Global Value Properties Fund (FGV).

The Fortius Global Value Properties Fund (“FGV”) offers you access to a concentrated long-only portfolio of globally listed real estate securities. The portfolio holdings are carefully selected from over 5,000 globally listed real estate securities via a proprietary screening process combined with deep fundamental research and disciplined financial valuations.

The Fund strategy is a deep value and contrarian with a bias towards small and mid-cap stocks, which is where we typically see the greatest value. We believe our deep and specialist understanding of direct property drivers and fundamentals gives us unique competitive advantage in employing a value adding strategy to listed real estate.

Our team (Sydney and Singapore) has significant experience in global equities and property investments both at Fortius and other investment management firms.

Features of FGV:

  • By using a concentrated, contrarian, valuation driven approach we are confident of delivering sustainable long-term returns.
  • $1.00 unit price on commencement of the fund (until end of May 2017) but thereafter unit prices will be calculated monthly.
  • Bi-annual distributions (30 June and 31 December).
  • Due to our concentrated, value driven approach the returns we deliver are unlikely to be correlated with any particular index, benchmark or asset class in the short-term.
  • We aim to maximise the Fund’s expected return without taking undue risk. Strong Net Asset Backing is one of the key inputs of our selection methodology.
  • Redemptions processed on a monthly basis.
  • No entry or exit fees.
  • We target investments with capable and experienced management teams who drive improvements in the assets and grow dividends to shareholders in the long term.
  • Our Singapore based Portfolio Managers have superior access to global management teams (as compared to Australian based teams).

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